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FALSE CLAIM: All fats do the similar functions UNTRUE: Foods with great levels of polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) are associated with many benefits for health. Some PUFAs contain omega-3 fatty acids which are linked with assisting with rheumatoid arthritis, supporting the health of the eye, preserving the integrity of skin, and decreasing heart attacks risk and […]

Essential Items To Keep In The Kit Of Gym

The Morph Folding Fluff Roller This roller is light in weight, having a standard-size foam that instantly downfalls and increases for comfortable transferability. Constructed all over a resourceful system of metal ribbing that strengthens a surprising amount of weight, it is approved by the Kickstarter Morph and features an embattled foam “core” shape particularly planned […]

Tips To Start Getting In Shape

Here we will discuss some very important steps to get into shape: 1) We should always go beyond our limits. Supposing if you don’t like certain workout lets say running, you should give it a try you will surely start loving it after some time. 2) We need to survive in our uncomfortable zone while […]

Hitting Gym The Old School Way

Why is the old school way of training still very popular? It is solely because it was simple yet highly effective. These days many builders claim to be working the old school way, but hardly one or two of them actually follows the roots. What bodybuilders today are doing is only feeding their egos and […]

Dwayne Johnson Supplements For Muscular Body

Actors, body builders, wrestlers and athletes are recognized by their well build muscular body. Those who are lean, wish to get the bodies like body builder so that they can look attractive and gain popularity among their friends and social group.  For this, they try hard and spend several hours of the day in gym […]