Hitting Gym The Old School Way

Why is the old school way of training still very popular? It is solely because it was simple yet highly effective. These days many builders claim to be working the old school way, but hardly one or two of them actually follows the roots. What bodybuilders today are doing is only feeding their egos and giving least progress in body results. It is high time that people set their weightlifting routines and practices back to how it was done in the old days. This article will give you a short insight into how you can do that.

#1 Perform full body and/or basic upper/lower split routines

Breaking your exercise into different body parts is not that helpful. Your body will show better results when all muscles on one side are stimulated together. Obviously, it is not possible to always use the whole body in one exercise, but in those cases too, it is better to split upper and lower body exercises. Never split it in a way that one arm has a different time for training and the other has a different one.

#2 Do the hard stuff

All those tough moves like squats, dips, cleans, snatches and high pulls are all major movements and do bring a lot of initial pain, but builders shouldn’t be worried about that. It is just a matter of one week, after that the body will get used to it and instead it will start giving greater results. These exercises produce a lot of muscle stress which in return produces muscle building hormones that are highly beneficial for strength and growth.

#3 Do staggered sets

If you really want to master the old school way, then you must do all exactly the same. In those days builders didn’t have a lot to waste their time on and by this I mean they didn’t have a cell phone craze or the whole selfie hype to keep up with. The time that they had between bench presses was spent on small productive exercises. This is the key to success that you use all your time wisely and try to strengthen your weaknesses.

#4 Gut through it

While you are at the gym, you must be there both physically and mentally. Be sure to take a good meal before coming so your mind isn’t stuck thinking what you have to eat next. Leave all tensions and life hassles out of that door. The gym is all about giving time to your body, so when you have made it there better make it all worth the time.

#5 Train more often

Each body part must be exercised at least twice or thrice every week. This is because you have to make it used to the entire workout; otherwise nothing will really be helpful.  Don’t overdo anything by bringing in variations, keep it simple but repeat them every day so the progress gets accelerated.

These old school principals can be used to tweak your current plan and bring in a positive change in no less time.